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Travel on your own terms with the knowledge of Cherish at your side. Travel insights is a unique option to help you select the destination for your next big vacation or gain knowledge from a world traveler for your upcoming travels. 

Starting as little as $25


So what exactly is Cherish Travel Insights?


Want to plan a vacation on your own but don't know where to start? 

Don't know what destination to travel to for your next big vacation?

Are you seeking insider and local tips to make your trip one to remember? 

Do you wish that you had a travel expert at your side to help guide you in creating an incredible travel experience?

We can help!

Travel Insights is a robust travel questionnaire that helps Cherish learn about your travel preferences.  From there we recommend travel destination suggestions for your personal vacation. This way you can plan a trip of your very own that feels like a travel expert did all the planning for you. We recommend travel destination suggestions, itineraries, local recommendations, and more for you to plan your own travel experience.


It's that simple!


Feel like a travel planning pro and experience unique travel destinations all over the world with Cherish Travel Insights.

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Benefits of booking with Cherish...

  • Travel destination suggestions and recommendations customized to your needs

  • Spend less time planning your trip

  • Research about your chosen destination done for you

  • Gain the knowledge of a world traveler for your personal travels

  • Insider tips to create a unique experience

  • Expand your travel horizons to potential new destinations


What's Included:

  • Every package includes and starts with a Robust Travel Questionnaire

  • AND two destination suggestions

What Else?

You can also include some great additions to your travel insights:

  • A fully personalized travel guidebook on your chosen destination

  • Travel consultation with Cherish's Founder

  • Vetos to gain more destination suggestions

Above the Clouds


Destination Suggestion

Make your travel experience memorable and go somewhere unique that you may not have thought of yourself.

1. Robust Travel Questionnaire for Cherish to gain insights into what you're looking for on your upcoming vacation
2. Thorough review of your questionnaire to brainstorm the perfect destination for you
3. Two (2) Destination Suggestions


Destination Suggestion + Travel Guidebook

Don't want to do all of the research for your vacation yourself? Gain a wealth of Travel Insights to take with you by adding the Travel Guidebook to your package. Once you've selected one of the destination suggestions, we'll do the research for you.  

Includes everything from the Destination Suggestions Package

AND Includes:
4. Personalized Travel Guidebook for the Destination you choose: once you choose which destination is the best fit for you based on Cherish's destination suggestions, we will curate a fully Personalize Travel Guidebook for your trip

What does a Travel Guidebook Include?
-Suggested Itinerary based on the length of your vacation, destination selection, and unique travel needs
-Local recommendations on what to see, visit, explore, and eat while traveling
-Insights from a travel expert about the destination: weather, packing suggestions, safety tips, etc.


Travel Consultation

Want to learn more about your destination suggestion?

Gain insights from Cherish's founder who has traveled to over 34 countries. A travel consultation is your opportunity to have a one on one conversation about your selected destination, ask any questions you may have, and share more about your travel preferences. 

-Feel more confident traveling to your destination
-Gain some insider knowledge from a world traveler and travel expert
-Cherish gets to know you on a more personal level in order to better curate and personalize your Personalized Travel Guidebook
-Dedicated one on one time with Cherish's founder


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