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Tailor-made tours are a bespoke experience curated for you. These exclusive travel experiences are planned with your dates and preferences in mind.

Our signature tours to the destinations we are experts in, curated with the most important person in mind, YOU.


Let the experts handle the travel planning for you.




So what exactly is a Tailor-Made Travel Experience with Cherish?

Host a meaningful travel experience for your group. Each Cherish trip is fully curated and planned from start to finish. Guests simply have to arrive in our destination and the rest will be taken care of. Create authentic connections with your fellow travelers, friends, family, or community through a travel experience hosted exclusively for you. With ethical booking practices alongside personalized itineraries, your guests will feel appreciated like never before.

As the world continues to change after the COVID disruption, travelers are getting back out there with new habits and mentalities. 72% of travelers surveyed in 2022 believe that they should opt for a more sustainable traveling approach. In this ever-changing environment, book a travel experience your guests can be proud of. 


Let's have a conversation!

Chat with Cherish's Founder directly about everything you'd like to get out of your Tailor-Made Travel Experience.

Answer some questions about the details and we'll put together a custom trip estimate for you.


Work together with Cherish to finalize your itinerary and select the perfect dates for your trip.

Once all the details are finalized, we will finalize the trip proposal and cost per person for your exclusive getaway.


We'll send you your customized booking page for your group's trip. Start sharing the page with your community to get your guests signed up.

When the date comes, simply show up for your fully curated private group experience.

Still Have Questions? Schedule a Free, No Strings Attached Travel Chat with Our Founder Below:

Who Are Private Tours Perfect For?

Cherish's newest offering creates an opportunity for you to take one of our unique travel experiences curated for your own travels.


Tailor-Made Tours are a perfect way to offer our unique travel experiences curated for your group.

You pick the dates, you pick your preferred destination, and we handle the rest. 

A Self-Guided Tour may be perfect for you...Whether you are a retreat leader, taking a family trip, putting together a travel experience for your network or community, or traveling with friends.

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Benefits of booking with Cherish...

  • Fully planned by a travel expert. All elements curated with your preferences in mind.

  • Ethical booking practices that support local women in business

  • Authentic and immersive in-destination experiences

  • Flexible dates to work with your vacation timeframe. 

  • Customizable itinerary with excursions and activities that best fit your group

  • Expert Guest Services for Guest Relations leading up to, during, and after the trip

  • Booking page and resource center built exclusively for your group's trip

  • Trip support from an expert member of our Memory Creating team during your travels

What's Included:

Tailor-Made Tours are a bespoke tour experience, which means that your vacation is fully customizable to any of Cherish's offered destinations. ​

Items that are included in a customizable Tailor-Made Tour by Cherish:​

  • Boutique Accommodations

  • Curated Excursions Selected Sased on Your Travel Preferences

  • Private Transportation

  • Ethical Booking Practices that Support Locals & Women in Business

  • Pre-Trip Support Directly from our Founder

  • Dedicated Guest Relations and Support Leading up to, During, and After Your Trip

  • Robust Travel Resources Tailored to Your Trip

  • Exclusive Trip Page to Reference Before, During, and After Your Trip

  • Private Transportation from City to City Within Your Destination

On every Cherish Tour, you can trust that we ALWAYS support local women in business in our destinations.

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