Frequently Asked Questions


COVID Related Information

While safety and comfort are our biggest priorities, Cherish is not responsible for any inherent risks related to COVID-19 and traveling. We do limit the amount of women on each trip to 15 people, which allows for a safer, small group environment while traveling. Hand sanitizer and other sanitizing products will be available with your tour host at all times. If you personally do not feel safe traveling during these times, we are happy to add you to our contact list for trips in the future. As COVID is a large concern for all of us, we have implemented a highly flexible cancellation policy for our trips. However, outside of the lenient policy in place we are not offering additional COVID-19 related refunds at this time unless the group trip as a whole needs to be cancelled. If you have any specific COVID-19 concerns, please feel free to email to discuss further.

Are their other COVID policies I should be aware of?

Cherish will operate in line with all local government and WHO regulations for COVID travel. It will be likely that you will be required to bring a mask and hand sanitizer with you on your trip. Anyone suffering from COVID-19 symptoms or that tests positive for COVID-19 prior to the trip will be asked to stay home. The safety measures you should be aware of are: - You may be required to wear a mask at certain points during your trip - If you become ill, the trip leader has the authority to remove you from the trip and/or request for you to isolate yourself from the group - Your safety and the group’s safety is our top priority - If you have not been vaccinated you may be requested to take a COVID test prior to traveling with the group

What is the policy in the event someone in my group gets sick?

Cherish highly values each member of their tour group, and their personal health and safety while traveling. We will do our best to isolate the sick person from the group and get them medical treatment. If their symptoms are in line with COVID-19, if possible, we will get them tested as soon as possible. Any guest who has symptoms that are in line with COVID-19 or tests positive will not be able to continue with group activities.

What if I get ill during my trip?

If you get ill or have to leave for another reason during the trip, your trip leader will be on hand to help make arrangements for you. However we will not be able to offer a refund for missed activities or trip related expenses.

International Travel Requirements

Cherish works with each guest to make you aware of all of the requirements for travel. It is ultimately your responsibility to obtain and complete all necessary COVID-19 related requirements prior to travel. Cherish is not responsible for additional expenses or issues if you are unable to enter a country due to not fulfilling these COVID-19 related requirements.

Local Experiences

I want to do a local experience, how do I book?

More to come on local experiences and how to book. Stay tuned!


I would like to travel with a family member or friend, is that ok? Can we share a room?

We encourage those who are interested in taking a trip to Cherish to travel solo. This provides the best experience for those traveling to connect with one another on a deeper level and for you to leave all of your extra baggage at home. If you have a unique circumstance, we are happy to discuss this with you further. Please email us to inquire about bringing a gal pal. Cherish does not currently organize custom group trips for prearranged groups of women, but we are willing to discuss guests bringing along a family member or friend.

Can I hire Cherish to help me book a personal trip?

At this time, Cherish is not able to assist in booking personal travel. If you would like to be informed of all our future offerings, please fill out an interest form by clicking here.

Where can I find the Cherish Tours Terms and Conditions?

Click here to read our Terms & Conditions.

Where can I find the Cherish Tours Privacy Policy?

You can find our Privacy Policy by clicking HERE.

Can I bring my partner, spouse, husband, etc.?

Cherish is exclusively for women travelers. We have designed our trips to cultivate community between women who will support and champion one another. In order to facilitate the best experience we do not allow for male significant others or friends to join us in our experiences. We appreciate you understanding and alligning with this value.


What is your #1 suggested packing item?

A comfortable, lightweight pair of shoes. I don’t mind wearing sneakers with a dress, so any shoe that is versatile and squeezes into tight packing spaces is essential.

What is the biggest tip you would give for first-time travelers?

Make a packing list early! This allows for you to do any fun vacation clothes shopping in time to bring all the things that you would like. The other major thing I suggest is to read a bit of history about the place you are traveling to. I believe it helps you have more understanding and appreciation for the country you will be staying in.

What’s the best piece of travel advice you have ever received?

Look at where you have come from. Pause and turn around to look at the path or the scenery you just passed. Enjoy the beauty of where you are traveling to, but also where you’ve traveled from.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

Megan: I love on my dog the minute I’m home. Cuddle up and just enjoy my couch with him and watch a movie.

Overnight Experiences

I want to come on an overnight trip, how do I book?

Cherish curates trips of like-minded women. Our work on the backend helps ensure that the trip you are booking is a great fit! If you’re interested in traveling with Cherish, we will collect some information from you through our Discover Forms, then we will reach out to discuss the booking process further. Please click here to fill out yours.

What about flights for the overnight trips?

Cherish will select and provide information on the best airport to fly into as well as the ideal arrival times for each guest. Flights are not included as part of the price of the trip. However, Cherish aims to assist even the newest travelers to feel comfortable traveling the world. If you need additional assistance with booking your flight, please make this request and we can work together to accommodate your specific needs. Additional fees may apply.

How big are the groups?

Each trip has a maximum capacity to keep travel personal, to make interactions with locals more intimate, and to allow the women on the trips to get to know each on a deeper level. For those reasons, trips will not exceed 15 people. We aim to be able to sit around the same breakfast table together, to avoid “fish bowl tourism,” and spend time in connection with our fellow travelers and locals.

Can I sign up for only part of the tour?

As Cherish is a curated group travel experience, we are not able to accommodate booking partial sections of the offered tours.

What is the payment policy?

A deposit is due at time of booking and is non-refundable for all overnight trips. The remaining balance of the base price of the trip can be paid in smaller installments with the final payment due no later than 30 days out from the trip start date. For cancellation information, please review the cancellation/refund policy below. To protect our local vendors, any and all selected add-ons are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please refer to the cancellation policy for additional information on applicable refunds.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Cancellation Policy: Due to limited availability for each trip, there is a required non-refundable deposit based on the total price of the trip. If a guest cancels at least 60 days prior to the trip of any payments made beyond the non-refundable deposit will be refunded. If a guest cancels between 60 days to 30 days prior to the trip 50% of any payments made beyond the non-refundable deposit will be refunded. Any cancellations within 30 days of the trip are non-refundable. You may cancel by phone or via email. Please be aware that this policy is written for the base price of the trip. To protect our local vendors any and all add on experiences, including but not limited to: excursions, tours, meal pairings, cooking classes etc. are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Thank you for your understanding. Add-Ons Policy: To protect our local vendors any and all add-on experiences, including but not limited to: excursions, tours, meal pairings, cooking classes etc. are non-refundable and non-transferrable. A curated list of add-on options will be provided approximately 120 days out from the trip, it is suggested to make selections for the add on experiences prior to arriving on the trip. All add ons are first come first serve, any additional requests will be based on availability. However, guests will be allowed to make additional add on selections through the duration of their trip. In order to accommodate additional participants, there is a deadline of 5PM the evening prior to the scheduled add on to request it be added to a guest’s trip. All add ons must be paid in advance prior to participating in the selected add on.

How do I pay for the trip?

After you have filled out the interest form, Cherish will be in touch to further discuss the booking process and specific trip details. The next steps are to pay the non-refundable deposit for the trip online. Cherish will send an emailed invoice for you to pay the deposit. The remainder of your trip will be invoiced to you via email. We accept all major credit cards and bank transfer. If you would like to pay via PayPal, please inquire.

What type of accommodation should I expect?

Cherish aims to support local women and families. With this in mind, we will be staying at family-owned hotels, most of which are smaller boutique style hotels. They will be comfortable and beautiful, but we are not currently booking at 5-star luxury hotels, chains or resorts.

How much free time will I have?

A Cherish trip is a fully personalized experience. You are more than welcome to spend all of your time exploring the cities we have arranged to go to on your own. If you are more comfortable being part of a group, there will be selections available to ensure you do not have to explore alone.

What is included in my trip?

- Travel consultation with the founder - Packing Tips - Pre-trip support - Beautiful boutique accommodations - Daily Breakfast - Personalized travel guidebook - In country transportation - Curated recommendations - Collaborative trip photo album

What is not included in my trip?

- Flights are not a part of the pricing and package - please reference the question about flights below for more details. - Personal meals - breakfast is included each day of the trip, there are some meals that will be included within your elected activities or add ons, but any additional personal meals will be at your own expense - Optional Add-Ons and Additional Elected Activities - Any Incidental Expenses - Personal Taxis or Ubers - while in country transportation from city to city and to selected activities is included, taxis or ubers hired for use during personal time is not included or paid for by Cherish during your trip - Optional Travel Insurance

What about travel insurance?

Cherish highly recommends that each traveler purchase some form of travel insurance. Travel is a big investment and you should protect it just like any other big investment in your life. Purchasing the appropriate travel insurance can cover you against illness, injury, loss or damage.

Do I have to do volunteer work on my vacation?

No! We believe that busy women should cherish their time off, so we do not require donations or volunteer work during your vacation. We support local women’s economy through intentional spending of tourism dollars.

Do itineraries or activities ever change?

Cherish prepares and plans all itineraries for an experience ahead of time. However, all of our trips are curated to the individual guest's experience. In order to personalize your experience while supporting the group as a whole, there may be shifts to the published itinerary. In the event of a change to the itinerary, Cherish aims to inform you prior to the change being confirmed. We promise that any changes made will be of the same impeccable standard expected when traveling with us.


What do I need to know about Cherish?

Cherish was born from a lot of skill in event planning and project management combined with a passion for travel. Cherish is a for-profit social impact group experiences company that seeks to bring women together through travel while spending intentional tourism dollars to support women in business.

Is a Cherish Tour right for me?

Cherish is the right fit for women who would like the opportunity to explore with other women while still having a personalized experience. All of our experiences are for those with an open mind and an adventurous spirit. We are an inclusive travel community providing a safe place for women to explore together.

What is included in the price of my experience?

Each of our experiences are different from one another. We fully plan, curate, and create each experience separately. Please visit the "Experiences Page" to read more about each individual experience. The cost of the experience, the date(s), what is included, and what you need to pay for are all outlined for you per each experience.

How do I know that purchasing an experience is supporting women?

We pride ourselves in working with women both at home and abroad. Cherish is woman-owned, and in all avenues possible Cherish hires women, and collaborates with women to ensure that the trip cost will go to supporting and benefiting women. We also make intentional selections during our experiences to incorporate opportunities to buy from, meet and support women in business.