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supporting women traveling the world

 Our Mission Through Travel 

 We believe in travel that creates a positive impact not only on the travelers but also on the destinations we visit 

What We Believe

The Impact of Intentional Travel

Tourism is one of the largest industries in our world today and affects many economies worldwide. We believe that through travel we can make a direct positive impact on the world.


1) Travel is impactful: 

Our trips are crafted to be more than just vacations. Our commitment lies in creating impactful travel experiences that go beyond leisure, leaving a lasting imprint on the places we visit. Through intentional itineraries and mindful tourism practices, we're on a mission to show that your vacations can be a force for real, positive change in the world.


2) Women are Capable of Creating Big Change Through Intentional Spending:

We hold the belief that women, through intentional spending, have the power to shape economies and create substantial change. We champion the idea that every travel decision can be a deliberate act of support for women in business. By directing our tourism dollars towards women-led businesses, we empower female entrepreneurs globally. We are dedicated to proving that purposeful travel can be a force for economic equality and empowerment.

3) Deep and Authentic Connections Form Through Travel:

We believe that the most profound experiences emerge from authentic interactions with people and cultures. At Cherish, we strive to facilitate meaningful connections between our travelers and the communities they visit. By forging genuine relationships, we aim to create a network of understanding and appreciation that transcends borders, enriching both the traveler's lives and the lives we touch in our destinations.

4) We Learn the Most About Ourselves on the Other Side of Our Comfort Zones:

Our philosophy embraces the transformative nature of stepping outside of comfort zones. We believe that true self-discovery occurs when faced with new challenges and unfamiliar environments. Cherish is dedicated to crafting journeys that encourage personal growth and self-reflection. By venturing beyond their comfort zones, we inspire our travelers to discover their truest selves, fostering resilience, joy, and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Our Mission

Positive Ripple Effects through Women Travelers for Women in Business Around the World

We aim to empower women through purposeful travel.

Each curated transformative experience not only enriches the lives of our female travelers but also supports women in business worldwide. By directing tourism dollars towards women-led businesses, we aim to create a positive impact and contribute to the economic empowerment of women. We believe travel not only creates beautiful lasting memories but is a journey where travel becomes a catalyst for change, fosters connections, and leaves a lasting legacy of support for women travelers and women in business.

What we hope for our travelers and for the future of travel

As we look ahead, we see a global community of conscious travelers, united by a shared commitment to making a meaningful difference. We envision Cherish as a driving force in this movement, inspiring our own travelers and others to travel with intention, leave a positive footprint, and contribute to the well-being of the world through intentional travel. 


Our Impact

The dollars and cents of our travel impact

The Dollar & Cents of the Financial Impact Cherish Has Made on the Tourism Industry

Cherish has made an economic impact of approximately $152,000 on the tourism industry in the destinations we've traveled to.

Approximately $114,000 of which has been contributed directly to locally-owned businesses, woman-owned businesses, and women in business. That means that almost 75% of the money Cherish spends on travel goes directly to locally-owned businesses, woman-owned businesses, and women in business.


Escape with Cherish on an upcoming immersive travel experience.

The journey doesn't stop with Cherish—it extends to the incredible women who choose to embark on these memorable experiences with us. Together, we're rewriting the narrative of what travel can look like for women by regaining economic power in making intentional decisions to support women in business around the world.

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