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Cherish is for women who are on a mission to travel with purpose. Women who are seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them through immersive travel.

We create memories for women of all walks of life through hosted multi-day experiences. Whether you're an experienced solo traveler or you've never traveled internationally, travel with us to experience the beauty of the world, a deeper connection with yourself, and a powerful connection to a community of women from all over the world without the stress of planning or having to travel alone.


The best part is that your vacation supports women in business simply by signing up to travel with Cherish. Each hosted travel experience is socially conscious by keeping tourism dollars in the pockets of the local economy.


Come be a part of a new way to travel.



Cherish Tours is most definitely a group you NEED to consider to travel with. I met some of the most amazing group of women on this trip. We got to experience and do a deep dive into a new Culture together, learn about each other, learn our strengths both mentally and physically; all in one week! It was an experience I will never forget.

-Madelynn Guerra


Leave the planning to us

Travel experiences planned by a world travel expert. Cherish takes care of every detail working with local partners to create unique and immersive itineraries. We understand women live busy lives. Let us handle the itinerary so that you can simply show up, relax and enjoy!

Beautiful accommodations

All of our accommodations are hand-selected with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. Stay in beautiful boutique locations that will immerse you in your surroundings. The smaller properties selected allow you to have a more intimate experience and know you're making a direct impact on the local economy.

Curated with you in mind

We believe that the moments you have away from your busy life are valuable. That's why we curate each of our tours with the ability to make personal choices throughout. So that you are able to cherish your time off.

Create impact, support women

Booking any tour with Cherish supports women businesses from the beginning. Cherish is woman owned and hires women. We also support women in business through intentional selections that allow your tourism dollars to go directly to local women.

Be bold, share experiences

Showing up solo is bold, but once you’ve booked you are no longer alone. Come take joyous memories with a small group of fellow traveling women from all walks of life and share incredible experiences together.

Feel comfortable,
feel safe

Every tour is welcoming and fully supportive of you. Your voice matters to us. You are welcome to join us wherever you are. We in invite you to travel with us as the most authentic version of you.

Make irreplaceable memories

Walk away with a new friend or two, memories you'll cherish forever and the urge to continue exploring, no matter what stage of life you are in!

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