Cherish Tours was founded on the belief that women should not feel held back from incredible travel experiences because they don’t have a group to travel with.


Our mission is to bring together women of all walks of life to travel to amazing destinations around the world. Each Cherish trip is designed to cultivate companionship in like-minded women while supporting women abroad through intentional tourism dollars.


Cherish opens the door to the world by providing a safe group environment for women to travel with. This gives women the opportunity to choose adventure over the dull day to day and finally put themselves first.


Because travel is the ultimate form of self-care.

Each Cherish trip has a "build your own" feel, allowing each woman traveling with Cherish to have a vacation that is different than even the other women on that same tour. This gives the travelers the option to spend time on their own or with the group based on their own unique travel needs.


Cherish is a social venture that supports entrepreneurial women both at home and on our trips abroad. By booking a trip with Cherish you can proudly know that your tourism dollars supports women businesses. 


Cherish provides once in a lifetime trips for women to experience local culture, cherish their vacations, meet other like-minded women, and make a real impact along the way. 

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Hi, I'm


I'm originally from Michigan, but my heart has lived in many different places. The 33 countries (and counting!) I have had the pleasure to travel to have helped shape who I am today.


World travel for me is genetic. My parents took me on my first airplane when I was only 6 months old, and I've been hooked on exploring ever since.


I am an empath raised on Midwestern kindness. Travel has changed my perspective and only increased my compassion for others. Through hosting one-of-a-kind travel experiences for women, I hope to extend this understanding and genuine kindness to create a ripple effect of cherishing ourselves and one another.

Taking a huge life pause during COVID-19 allowed me to focus internally and find my calling in marrying my passion for travel and the beauty of the world with my desire to create a community for women through one-of-a-kind socially conscious travel experiences.


With this alignment and clarity, Cherish Tours was born. 


In my previous life, I was part of a corporate team that planned large conferences. My extensive traveling experience combined with my program/event management career is the perfect combination for me to offer once in a lifetime trips for women of all backgrounds. My dream is to use my experiences to enhance the lives of women through travel and open the door to the world for women to explore. Because after all, finding joy in traveling the world is self-care not selfish. We deserve to Cherish.

Want to come with me?

Let’s take a memory together!