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Keep these 3 items on you to steer clear of creepy men while traveling

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Ladies, let's be honest, we have all experienced men that make us feel uncomfortable. Now add traveling in a foreign country to that experience and uncomfortable situations, especially involving men, can spike our anxiety really quick.

There are easy items you can keep on you while traveling to deter some of the unwanted attention. Read on to learn more...

One: A Photo of Young Children

This may sound strange, but it works! Especially in bars. If a man is continuously hitting on you at the hotel or hostel you're staying at, at the bar, in a restaurant...whip out a photo (on your phone or physical photo) of young children. These are YOUR children in this scenario. Men either do not want that added responsibility or have added guilt around hurting a mother. Most likely they will back off.

Two: Mini Hairspray

Did you know that in many countries outside of the United States carrying mace or pepper spray is considered a concealed weapon? Using one of these items could get you arrested in a whole lot more trouble than the original unwanted attention may have. Instead, consider carrying mini hairspray in your purse or bug spray. This is equally as painful to spray into a creeper's eyes if you end up in an unsafe situation.

Three: Your Poker Face

Appearing confident and as if you know where you are going will make you less of a target. Even if you feel anxious, try not to look it. Step inside a restaurant or small shop to look up directions if you need to. Always feel free to blatantly lie to men or strangers when asked personal questions like "Where are you going?", "What hotel are you staying at?", "Are you alone?". You don't owe anyone this information.

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