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Finding Community Through Experiences

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Cherish was launched out of the dream to create community among women. I have struggled in my past to find and create that community in my own life. Without having a sister growing up, I have always had a craving for closer relationships with women. I wanted to create a welcoming place for all women to have the community I struggled to have on my own growing up.

I believe that the best way to create these connections and to find this community is through once in a lifetime trips. That's why I launched Cherish with one international trip to join a group of badass women in Costa Rica. But, these large scale trips are not the only way to gain this sense of community. With that in mind, Cherish is expanding our offerings for 2022: six local Atlanta experiences, two weekend trips, and two week long tours.

This expansion creates that community we all long for. Now exploring with Cherish no longer has to be a once in a lifetime experience, but it is accessible to you down the road, across the country, and around the world.

In 2022, Cherish will be featuring...

  • January - sourcing trip to Denmark (sold out!)

  • February - wine pairing class

  • March - cooking class

  • April - National Park weekender trip

  • May - sourcing trip to Japan (sold out!)

  • End of June - week long Alaskan trip

  • July - classy picnic

  • August - concert in the park

  • September - Ellijay, GA weekender trip

  • October - our second Costa Rica trip

  • November - wine pairing class

  • December - Christmas shopping at women owned boutiques crawl

All of the added experiences will remain exclusively for women and maintain our goal of supporting women.

Is there a place you've always dreamed of going?

Or an experience that you would love to have with other women in your area?

Let me know by commenting below!

By subscribing to my newsletter you become a part of the small list that will be able to sign up for these experiences before anyone else. You will also be able to vote for which experiences you'd like to see me host next.

With Cherish's new experiences coming in 2022, every woman will feel enabled to find community, explore widely, and live boldly. Which experience will you sign up for first?

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