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What I learned in my first year of my travel business

Updated: Jun 19

"The next time you're tempted to think that everyone has it together but you, remember this: we all struggle and you are not alone."

-Life on Purpose Movement

When I read this quote it deeply resonated with me because often I can get trapped in a pattern of comparison. I look at other businesses online or other women and can say to myself "where can I do more?" This applies to my physicality, how much I travel, what I'm doing in my business, and more. I think this is a commonality among many women, we struggle regularly with comparing ourselves to others. This can get us stuck in a pattern of isolation and instead of letting down our walls to open space for honest conversation and authentic connection, we scare ourselves into thinking we have to struggle alone.

One year into running my travel business, one big lesson sticks out to me. As women, we have more similarities than differences.

We have similar struggles.

We have similar needs.

We crave connection.

We have similar desires for our lives.

We long for a sense of purpose.

In fully recognizing this lesson, we can take steps to open our hearts to women of all different walks of life and can allow ourselves to shine as our most authentic selves. From my perspective, I believe that our authentic self comes through when we are willing to make deeper connections by sharing our experiences, our vulnerabilities, our needs, our successes, our struggles, and everything in between.

We have all been handed a couple of years in a row that have further isolated us and created a huge divide between us. The need to reconnect and cultivate these authentic connections is greater than ever.

For me personally, this time allowed me to reflect, turn inwards, and discover that I could create something beautiful out of the isolation I felt from a lack of female friendships growing up. Out of this time for reflection, Cherish was born. I realized by combining my professional expertise in planning and organizing events with my passions in life for travel I could build a safe place for women to get out of their comfort zones and dive deeper into community with one another.

Through my own travel experiences, I have created long-lasting and unique friendships by being able to be the best version of myself. I wanted to be able to share that impactful experience with other women, my soul was calling me to create impact in the world. This is why I chose to make Cherish a tour company exclusively for women that supports and benefits women in business.

You may be reading this thinking to yourself "Megan, you're living the dream and I just can't do the same." Trust me, I have struggled with similar thoughts and have questioned myself throughout the process of building my business. A small shift in mindset to face each struggle head-on with an outlook for potential growth helps push me through. Without the tougher lessons, I would not have built a solid foundation for my business.

I want you to walk away after reading this post one step closer to believing in all the power you hold within you.

You are allowed to work towards your passions without having to answer to the criticism of others. That working on yourself is not selfish

You are able to make an impact in the world through intentional decisions as a consumer. Including how and where you choose to travel.

You are allowed to have struggles but you are not alone. There are other women out there longing for the same deeper friendships that you are, who will accept you for exactly who you are.

In this first year of business, it has been rewarding to have created travel experiences for women of all backgrounds to come together and watch as the women who have traveled with me so far have made powerful connections through traveling on Cherish trips.

My promise to each woman I have the honor of traveling with in mine and Cherish's future is this: I will continue to learn and grow to create a space where you can fully belong and explore widely.

As I add more trips to Cherish's repertoire, you can have the confidence in me that each travel experience will maintain the core values the business was founded on:

1) creating opportunities for women to cherish themselves through travel

2) supporting women in business each step of the way

small group tour for women

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