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 Come be a part of a new way to travel with hosted travel experiences exclusively for women, created by women.

Support women in business simply by taking a vacation.

It's time for a transformational experience
whether you're celebrating life, reflecting on a milestone, healing, or making time for yourself.

Cherish invites you to let your authentic self shine.
Welcoming women travelers of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Let us handle creating a joyous travel experience for you, all you have to do is show up.

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Reasons you can feel good about the travel you book with us


Create interpersonal relationships with the destinations you travel to.  Cherish has personal relationships around the world that help us plan immersive experiences where you are able to connect on a deeper level with fellow travelers, locals, our world, and more.

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Not only are our hosted travel experiences immersive, they are also socially conscious. We keep sustainable travel in mind in the planning phase of each trip. Now supporting women and locals around the world is as easy as signing up to travel with us.

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Each travel experience invites women travelers to let their authentic selves shine. We believe in a ripple effect of kindness that happens when women tune inwards, listen to their needs, and take opportunities to add joyous experiences to their lives.


"I'd always associated group tours with large, generic tours that shuttled people between all the tourist spots without any focus on personal preferences . This trip has completely changed my perspective on them. I truly enjoyed the experience, and felt like I was able to do things on the trip that I would never have done on my own. Cherish did a great job of organizing everyone/everything and making sure that everyone had what they needed and felt included. I completely forgot that I had come alone on the trip!"

-Nandini Kumar

"Cherish, from prebooking to the minute I left San Jose for the airport, made me feel safe, cared for, planned for, and excited about everything to come! Beyond being a travel and experience group, the week I spent in Costa Rica with them was a week of finding a community I didn't realize I was missing."

-Raina Clarke

"The Costa Rica trip offered the perfect balance between group/planned activities and time to explore on my own. As a solo traveler, having built in time to myself was amazing to see and something I didn't expect from a travel company. The women on the tour were all great additions to the experiences and I look forward to connecting with them in the future. Cherish Tours definitely hasn't seen the last of me!"

-Janelle Ashley Cooper




April 6-13, 2024




MAY 9-12, 2024

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TURKEY (Türkiye)


JUNE 1-7, 2024

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