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Why I Can’t Stop Talking About My Cherish Tours Experience in Costa Rica

A firsthand perspective of our Costa Rica Tour from one of our travelers.

By: Julie Smith

I have always enjoyed planning my own trips, but most have been within the United States and either on my own or with 1 or 2 friends. I had not traveled internationally since 2014 and my passport had been burning a hole in my pocket….or I guess in my drawer.

A couple of years ago, I participated in a virtual networking event and had the joy of meeting Cherish’s founder, Megan, and fell in love with her energy and Cherish’s mission. After following Cherish’s Instagram page for years and telling myself “Maybe next time…” I quit making excuses and signed up for the trip to Costa Rica!

I knew making the commitment to myself was worth it and I could figure out the hold-ups such as budget, taking the time off work, or other obstacles that would come my way. I was excited to meet like-minded, open women and experience a new country. Cherish offered a mix of activity and relaxation, gave me options to choose my own adventure, and felt like the right pace for what I like when I travel. Not to mention, Cherish took care of all the logistics so that I could see and do a lot in just a week.

Prior to the trip, Megan and her team provided a packing list, full itinerary, and emergency contact information and set up a WhatsApp group for us to introduce ourselves and connect with our guide. Megan also offered a 30-minute consultation which I used to walk through the trip, ask all my questions, and get excited!

women traveler in costa rica

Why I valued traveling with Cherish:

  • Cherish business values aligned with mine. For example, we supported local businesses in our accommodations and activities.

  • Women-only tours made me feel comfortable 

  • Options to choose my activities and liked the overall pace of the trip with things to do and downtime

  • Activities that interested me and were unique to the destination

  • Traveling to more than one city and all the logistics were handled for me

My time in Costa Rica was an absolute blast. With adventures from spotting wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park and waterfall hikes to exploring food and culture with a cooking class, coffee tour + tasting and chocolate tour, and tasting + ceremony, this trip filled my heart. Not to mention the women I met on the trip and our precious shared memories. 

A few lessons I learned traveling with Cherish:

Be Authentic + Ask Questions: 

I came into this trip not knowing anyone else and I decided to be my true self the entire time. From taking 10000 photos to dancing to any and all music I heard to hunting down sweet treats, this group of women embraced me. I also shared with them about my current situation/quitting my job and my list of intentions (more on that next) for the trip. The other piece to this is to embrace the women on the trip with you. Get to know them and be kind. Ask questions and listen. While you may not be BFFs with every single woman, you will share this experience and that will bond you.

Set Your Intentions:

Before you leave on your trip, take some time to set your expectations or intentions. It’s important to be flexible and open-minded while traveling, but I also think it’s important to know some things you want to accomplish/experience while you are on your adventure. I took the time to list a few experiences I wanted to have, and things I wanted to see in Costa Rica. While I didn’t knock everything off my list, it did help give me things to focus on. My list helped keep my eyes open for opportunities around me to see things related to my list. I also made sure to share my list with my trip guide, so she helped me seize opportunities like viewing the sunset at the beach. 

Journal Your Journey:

I recommend using a travel journal, whether it’s a paper journal or an app, to remember your experience. During my time in Costa Rica, I used Track My Tour. I liked the app because I could share the link with family and friends while I was on my trip and could quickly make notes of funny stories or facts and things I wanted to remember in the moment. I also wrote in a hardcopy journal to reflect more on my feelings and thoughts, not just the actual events of the day. 

Take the leap and enjoy the journey with Cherish! 

About the Author: Julie Smith is a 30-something single gal from Charlotte, NC who took a chance to sign up for her Cherish Tour to Costa Rica and can’t shut up about it! With more than a decade of corporate communications experience, she thrives on connecting people, making a positive impact in the community and inspiring others to do the same. When she's not at her desk, you can find Julie on the hiking trails or trying the newest bakery in town. Keep up with her adventures in the world on her blog.

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