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How to Reassess Your Travel Goals Now That You're No Longer in Your 20s

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We live in a world where we are constantly fed messages that traveling solo or achieving your travel goals is only for young, single, and childless people.

You've seen it - glossy travel brochures with smiling twenty-somethings, instagram feeds filled with sunsets, backpacks, and child-free influencers. The widely accepted narrative seems to revolve around carefree, spontaneous, solo adventures. It's as if the only way to experience wanderlust is through the youthful lens, untethered by life's commitments.

It's about time that we reject that notion. Let me set the record straight: traveling is for everyone, no matter your age, family situation, or relationship status. If you ask me, there's actually something beautiful about how your travel goals evolve as you get older.

As we age, you do not just become older; you're wiser, more in tune with yourself, and unapologetically doing things for you. Plus, you're more established and able to afford your travel dreams both with your time and your money. So, instead of buying into the crazy idea that your travel days are done, why not flip the script? Consider this phase of life as an opportunity to redefine your journey, one that aligns with the person you are now. Don't make excuses for what you can't do; instead, plan for how you can.

Consider this blog as your roadmap to reassessing those travel goals, with simple tips for rediscovering the joy of exploration. We'll keep it real and practical, making sure your adventures sync up with your current lifestyle and desires.

Ready to make your next trip the best one yet? Let's dive in.

Tips for Reassessing Your Travel Goals

Reflect on Your Current Priorities

In your 20s, the goal might have been to visit as many countries as possible, attend all the bar crawls, or maybe even a skinny dip in the Mediterranean (which, let's be honest, still sounds kinda tempting). But now it's time to shake off the expectations of what successful traveling looks like and figure out what truly matters to you. What is your idea of a successful trip? Do you value cultural immersion, relaxation, adventure, or perhaps a combination of these? Do you want to visit a new country or would you rather visit a country that you know and love? Knowing your priorities will help you tailor your travel experiences to align with your current interests and aspirations.

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Embrace Quality over Quantity

The thrill of collecting as many passport stamps as possible may have been a hallmark of your 20s, but consider embracing a mindset that prioritizes quality over quantity. Rather than dashing through multiple destinations in a whirlwind, grant yourself the luxury of time. Consider spending at least 3-4 nights in a specific area of your trip instead of jumping from place to place or allow yourself even more time by leaning into slow travel. This will give you the opportunity to really immerse yourself and foster a deep connection with the local culture, people, and landscapes.

The way you travel and how you appreciate the world around you will change if you can shift your mindset from "let's cross X destination off of my list" to "I want to experience things deeply".

Treat Yourself

Now that you're out of your 20s, it's time to upgrade your travel game and invest in some luxury. Say goodbye to the days of cramped seats, packed hostels, and living on one crêpe per day - you've earned the right to prioritize comfort. Traveling is about far more than just reaching your destination; it's about the whole experience, so don't be afraid to indulge. Now is the time to enjoy a spacious seat, book your own private room at a hotel, eat at a nice restaurant, and revel in the joy of traveling without having to compromise on comfort. The beauty in being a little bit older is that you've earned the right to make your explorations a little more indulgent. You've worked hard to be the beautiful, successful, knows what she wants, woman that you are. So why not take advantage of it?

Cultivate Personal Growth Through Travel

Let your travels become a catalyst for personal growth. Seek experiences that match your evolving interests, whether that's a cooking class in Tuscany or making handmade pottery with local women in Turkey, Step into unfamiliar enviroments that challenge your perspective and lean into the discomfort. Besides, we learn the most about ourselves on the other side of our comfort zones. Perhaps that looks like meeting individuals from an indigenous community in Panama or sleeping under the stars in a glamping tent in Utah. You can even use your travels as an opportunity to connect with the communities you visit, like exploring single-origin farming in Costa Rica or attending a language class in Barcelona.

These opportunities for personal growth also enable us to shift our priorities. For example, as we get older, we tend to care more about how our money is spent and who that money goes to. At Cherish, we firmly believe that intentional spending wields the ability to influence economies and create substantial change. By directing our travel money towards women-led businesses, we empower female entrepreneurs internationally.

Your journeys become more than just vacations—they transform into opportunities for self-discovery, skill enhancement, and lifelong learning.

Create Meaningful Connections

While making friends in a bustling hostel was a rite of passage in your 20s, now the focus shifts to creating meaningful connections. Engage with locals, participate in cultural events, and explore group tours or activities that align with your interests. The connections you form during your travels have the potential to evolve into lasting friendships, enriching your overall experience with shared stories and perspectives. If you're intrigued by the idea of embarking on a journey alongside a group of like-minded women, exploring one of Cherish's fully planned travel experiences might be the perfect way to foster these connections.

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Rediscovering the Joy of Exploration

As you rethink your travel goals beyond your 20s, remember that age is not a limitation; it's a beautiful rite of passage we all go through. Let the wisdom you've gathered over the years steer you to places that are in alignment with your current interests and aspirations. Travel is a personal journey, and by reassessing your goals, you open the door to a world of possibilities that go beyond stereotypes and societal expectations. So, embark on this journey of rediscovery, and let each destination be a chapter in the evolving story of your life.

Reach out to learn more about fully planned experiences from Cherish!

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